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In maintaining its image as a non-profit, philanthropic organization, the Board of Directors of the St.Patrick Society has approved one college scholarship of $1000 to be awarded.  Guidelines for eligibility are as follows:

1. The applicant must be a relative of a St. Patrick Society member.

2. That relationship must be a daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, niece or nephew.

3. If funds are available for awarding a scholarship, they will be awarded at a maximum of $1,500 per applicant.

4. Applicants must evidence the ability to pursue a college education scholastically. This will be evidenced by submission of the Applicant’s Grade Point Average, Class Standing, and SAT/ACT scores.

5. Consideration will be given to extra curricular activities of applicant, both at school and within the community.

6. Letters or recommendation from teachers, counselors, employers, and others, will also be considered.

7. Second year requests will be considered providing grades are acceptable.

8. The scholarship check will be made payable jointly to the recipient and to the college.

9. The Committee must receive applications be the designated deadline.

10. A three-member committee of area educators and/or civic leaders, who are not Society Board members, will make the selection.

11. Awarding of the scholarship by the St. Patrick Society will be announced at the Annual “Gathering of the Clan” Luncheon.

If you need further information, or have any questions, please contact Matt Wissing at 563-265-9353