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Congratulations to our 2020 Honorees

Ed Froehlich - Grand Marshal    Julie Appleman - Irish Mother of the Year


*NEW*  SPS Ambassador to the Quad Cities

        Molly Otting Carlson

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In Memoriam:
Rita (McAllister) Callahan                   Jerry Harkins, Jr.                             Nancy Kay Kelly
2007 Irish Mother of the Year                                                              2012 Irish Mother of the Year


             Connie Pond                2003 Irish Mother of the Year      1997 Irish Mother of the Year 













THE GRAND PARADE voted BEST in the Quad Cities 
by the River Cities Reader's fall polling.  
Read about it...
THE GRAND PARADE named Sixth Best in North America 
(#1 NYC, #2 Chicago, #3 Boston, #4 Savannah, #5 San Francisco)

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 The Consulate General of Ireland in Chicago sent a
to the St. Patrick Society of the Quad Cities

thanking us for promoting Irish culture and heritage in the Quad Cities
and for sponsoring the only two-state St. Patrick's Day parade in the United States.

Read about it...

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